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Dental implantology refers to that set of surgical techniques needed to functionally rehabilitate a patient with total or partial edentulism through the use of dental implants: titanium screws that are surgically inserted into the mandibular or maxillary bone. The dental implant replaces the tooth root. Being made of titanium, a highly biocompatible material, it is able to achieve perfect integration into the bone. The implants, after a variable period of osseointegration, are then connected to prostheses, fixed or removable, to restore chewing function. There is nothing closer to a natural tooth in aesthetics, function and hygiene than this treatment. At the Tommaso Grandi Dental Clinic, we perform immediate loading with innovative technologies and quality Made in Italy J Dental Care products. This means we place 4/6 implants in a dental arch with temporary or permanent prostheses, all in the same day. We address and solve every type of situation, even the most complex, such as severe cases of maxillary atrophy through the use of computer guided surgery and advanced solutions. A safe and non-invasive surgery, which we perform under stress-free conscious sedation, ideal for those with fear/phobia. In 24 hours, we can guarantee you: – Immediate aesthetic result – Immediately restored functionality – Short recovery time – Low cost – Tailored payment solutions
Your smile is important, helping you improve it is our mission. At the Tommaso Grandi Dental Clinic, you’ll find a staff of skilled professionals who, through the use of high-quality ceramics and digital design, are able to first show you and then achieve the new smile you’ve always wanted. Excellent results at low cost.
Invisalign® Is a clinically effective, aesthetic and pain-free orthodontic solution. At our dental center we use only original but cost-effective Invisalign. No one will even know you have braces. Invisalign® uses a series of comfortable, removable braces that align your teeth without pain. There are no metal parts, just clear aligners. It is a safe and guaranteed treatment with more than 4 million patients worldwide who have experienced firsthand the incredible success of this treatment. A suitable solution even during adolescence.
Childhood is the most important time to start taking care of your dental health. The Tommaso Grandi Dental Clinic is very careful about this aspect as well, and has an area totally dedicated to children and their therapies. A dedicated team will know how to welcome your child in the best possible way, establishing a positive relationship and offering a series of personalized and minimally invasive treatments: mobile, fixed and invisible braces. In this way, we allow your child to get used to the outpatient setting from the very beginning without being afraid.
Conservative dentistry
Conservative dentistry is the branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of caries by replacing the tooth tissue affected by the disease with special restorative materials. Composite resins have the same colour of the natural tooth and have now almost completely replaced the metal-coloured dental amalgam.

If the tooth decay is very large or/and the tooth has suffered trauma, its nerve tissue may undergo irreversible degeneration and for that reason must be removed. This is therefore referred to as devitalization of the tooth, and the space resulting from cleaning and shaping the tooth roots must then be filled with dedicated materials and following specific techniques.

Before we think about how to remove and replace teeth, we try to recover them, which is why we pay special attention to the treatment of mild (Gingivitis) and advanced (Periodontitis or Pyorrhea) gum disease. We do that through a diagnosis and treatment protocol that follows the most modern guidelines of the Swedish and American periodontal schools. Removing plaque and tartar completely, resulting in a drastic reduction of the oral pathogenic bacterial load, and instructing the patient on proper home oral hygiene lead to effective treatment of periodontal disease.

Fixed prosthetics
Fixed prosthetics deals with the replacement of missing teeth or the reconstruction of particularly compromised teeth. It is called fixed because it cannot be removed by the patient.

Ceramic veneers: are thin ceramic foils that are cemented onto the front teeth to change their shape or colour.

Prosthetic crown: when the crown (visible part) of the tooth is so compromised that it must be replaced, a prosthetic crown is created in the laboratory. Crowns can be fabricated from a variety of materials that, when properly processed, lead to highly aesthetic final results. Crowns are cemented to the remaining part of the tooth (prosthetic abutment).

Partial fixed prostheses (bridges): one or more missing teeth can be replaced by intermediate elements connected to two or more prosthetic crowns on adjacent teeth.

Mobile prosthetics
Mobile dentures are used to replace missing teeth.

These are called removable because they must be removed by the patient after each meal to allow proper home oral hygiene.

Total removable prosthesis (denture): it replaces all the teeth in an arch

Partial removable prosthesis (skeleton): it replaces only some teeth in an arch and uses the remaining teeth as support

Oral surgery
Oral surgery deals mainly with the extraction of teeth that are irreparably compromised by caries or periodontal disease, the exposure for orthodontic purposes of included teeth, and the extraction of the wisdom tooth (third molar). In particular, wisdom tooth extraction finds its indication when it fails to erupt into the correct position due to lack of space. The consequence is that these teeth may be completely included in the bone or remain partially erupted, often leading to repeated painful infections and swelling or damage to adjacent teeth.

When teeth in one or both arches are functionally or aesthetically positioned incorrectly, orthodontics succeeds in moving the teeth to recreate an optimal situation, by using braces that can be fixed or removable.
The fear of experiencing pain can often limit us in choosing the most correct therapy to treat our teeth. At the Tommaso Grandi Dental Clinic, putting you at ease and allowing you to experience therapy in a relaxed manner is our main goal, along with offering you state-of-the-art solutions with short recovery times at low cost. To meet your every need, and to ensure you safe and pleasant surgeries, we work with hospital anaesthesiologists from the Policlinico S. Orsola – Malpighi Hospital in Bologna. Their contribution is essential to cancel the patient’s fear and perform complex oral surgery under conscious sedation. Conscious sedation is the most relaxing and comfortable technique that can be adopted in dentistry. It allows the patient to feel no pain and have no memory of the surgery, so the patient can totally relax and forget the fear of the surgery.

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