Smiles that tell a story

The Tommaso Grandi Dental Clinic is an advanced implant dentistry center


"I actually slept during the surgery"

"The doctors told me that I was actually awake, but I have no memory, and above all, no pain)!"


"I have changed after the surgery: I smile much more and more willingly."

"I had little bone, but Dr. Tommaso Grandi immediately gave me the certainty that I could undergo the surgery!"


"I was fascinated by the staff!"

"I was told that I had too little bone, that I couldn't undergo the surgery. However, Dr. Grandi looked at panoramic and said, 'It can be done!'"


"Tommaso Grandi is the Clinic of miracles for me."

"I didn't feel anything, no pain, it was a walk in the park."


"I rested peacefully all night, without any pain!"

"I didn't feel anything; I just didn't realize what they were doing to me."


"At 9:30, it started, and by 11:30, I was already out!"

"I didn't feel any pain at all. I felt very good. When I saw myself, I was a different person!."


"The Doctor was right when he told me: you should have come 10 years ago!"

"The surgery went very well, I didn't feel anything, now I'm very glad I did it."


"In just one day I had the surgery, I felt absolutely nothing"

"I feel great, I don't feel anything, I chew well"


"The Doctor puts you at ease right away, he clearly explains everything"
"I used no analgesics, nothing."


"It's a 5-star clinic!"
"I was very interested in the technique of computer-guided surgery; I had no bleeding or problems."


"They are great, friendly, expert."
"I trusted them and I was right."


"I was under anaesthetic and I saw everything, but without feeling pain either during or after the surgery. I felt great."


"I experienced the surgery very naturally."
"I felt absolutely nothing."


"The relationship with the anaesthesiologists was exceptional."
"From the first visit, I felt in safe hands."


"I felt comfortable from the moment I entered the clinic.”
"After the surgery I got up and felt nothing."


“It changed my life, I started chewing and smiling again."
"I didn't feel the slightest pain."


"During the surgery I didn't feel anything at all."
"I liked the anaesthesiologist so much, he put me at ease."

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The Tommaso Grandi Dental Clinic is based in Modena, 5 km from the city center, in a strategic location for both those who live in the city and those who reach us from afar. The Clinic is located in an area surrounded by nature and has a big private parking.

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Via Contrada 323 41126 Modena - ITALIA

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From MONDAY to FRIDAY: 8:30am – 8:00pm

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